Water Treatment Systems


Sri Venkateswara Engineering offers a wide range of water treatment plants for both the domestic as well as the industrial sectors. Water has various types of contaminants along with metals like  lead, copper, iron, mercury, etc which comprises the total dissolved solids along with bacterial  and other  contaminants making it  the prime cause for health hazards such as kidney stones, digestive disorders, intestinal catarrh, fluorosis, cancer, etc.  SVE offers world class products from reputed ISO 9001:2000 certified companies which purifies the water in several stages from filtration to killing of all bacteria. The products also include softners, iron removers used in  filtration of water and supply of spares and consumables, i.e, Filter Media, Resins, Membranes, Chemicals and Carbon Granules,etc.

The range of products include

  • Water purifiers

  • UV plants

  • RO plants

  • Ozonators

  • Iron removers

  • Softners

Advantages of  using water purifiers

  • Enjoy peace of mind

  • Better Health and Wellness Begins  with Pure Drinking Water

  • Reduce Exposure to Toxic Chemicals