Solar Systems


Solar Systems  are generally  clean, efficient, economical and pollution free. 

Sri Venkateswara Engineering offers  various Solar Systems such as


  • Solar Heating Systems

  • Street / Industrial  Lighting Systems

Solar Heating Systems are designed to suit Houses, Hotels, Hospitals, Canteens and wherever hot water is required. These heaters give quantum savings in electricity bills. The abundantly available free energy from the sun can be tapped any where, using these solar geysers, which collect the solar radiation from the sun during day time and store the energy as hot water for usage later.


Domestic systems are available from capacities ranging from 100 Litres to 500 litres and more. An 100 litres system will meet the bathing requirements of a family of five members. These systems operate on a thermosyphon method with the overhead tank located 7 to 10  ft. above the roof level.


Industrial / Commercial Systems are from 500 litres capacity onwards. All systems confrom to BIS / ISI certified quality and are available in custom required capacities.  100% Depreciation can be availed in the first year itself. 


The amount of hot water your system produces and the efficiency with which that water is produced depends, in part, on the amount of solar energy at your site, the type and size of your system, and proper installation. In almost all climates, you will need a conventional backup system to supply water when there is not enough solar-heated water to meet the demand. In fact, many building codes require you to have a conventional water heater as the backup.


Solar Water Heaters are non corrossive, available in various colours which can retain the temperature for a minimum of three days and can be used as feed water to generate steam which results in good savings. They have a wide range of applications: 

  • Automobiles 

  • Chemical and Fertilisers 

  • Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Diaries

  • Hotels and resorts

  •  Hospitals and Nursing homes

  • Schools and Colleges (hostels and canteens)

  • Military kitchens

  • Corporate and Industrial guest houses 

 and can be custom-made to suit specific applications.