Pipes and  Fittings


SVE deals in various types of Pipes and fittings. Among the popular brands is Trubore, Finolex pipes,etc. Various types of pipes such as 


  •  Pressure Pipes

  •  HDPE Pipes

  •  SWR Pipes

  •  Threaded ASTM Pipes as per ASTM  D1785

  •  SM Pipes

  •  Plain Casings

  •  XL Casings




are available for various applications for drinking water connections, well pipes and casing, house pipe lines (blue colour), submersible pipes and fittings, deep well solid pipes, borewell (PVC pipes and fittings), Drip irrigation pipes, lift irrigation pipes, rainwater harvest SWR pipes, etc. All pipes adhere to ISI, BS,DIN standards and are manufactured by ISO 9001 certified companies.



SVE offers a wide range of  products for  domestic use which are sleek, elegant and superior technology. The Grinders are ISI certified from ISO 9001:2000 companies. The Grinders include:

  • Table Top Wet Grinders - 1.5, 2 litre capacity

  • Tilting Wet Grinders - 1.25 to 5 litres capacity

  • Mixer - Grinders