Pest Control


SVE has experience in the field of termite control, pest control and rodent control. The methods and techniques have been proved and tested on various sites and in different settings, conditions and factors by us and have satisfied our innumerable customers for whom we have undertaken the jobs. 


Pest control eradicates the unwanted pests like cockroaches lizards, silver fish and spiders from homes. In pest control we do the following things:


1. Spraying the pesticide in all the floor wall, wall ceiling junctions and all nooks and corners of the walls.

2. Spraying the chemical in all the sanitary areas like toilets, sewers kitchens etc.

3. Spraying the pesticide chemical in the storage areas and wherever necessary.


Termite control


1.Post construction termite control treatment


As the name implies post construction termite control is initiating termite control measures after the building or the house is constructed. 

2. Pre construction termite control treatment

As the name suggests Pre construction termite control treatment  is termite control at various stages during the building construction process.

Rodent control

Rodent rats are great nuisance and a big menace to wires because they have teeth that they have to grind and bite else the teeth will grow into their heads and they will die. so they bite and grind against all the objects they can get their teeth on. 

We eradicate rodents by keeping traps. Glue traps are special cardboards which have a strong non dry glue and a special rat attractant which attracts the rats. Once the rodents step into the glue they cannot take their feet away and if they roll, their bodies will also get caught into the glue. The benefits of the glue trap is the rodents do not die, there is no poisonous chemicals involved.