Bore Wells


Sri Venkateswara Engineering is a turn key solution provider for drilling of bore wells with expertise  in drilling 4 ", 5", 6", 7" and 8" borewells with super fast hydraulic rigs. They have experienced 

  • Water diviners

  • Qualified geologists 

  • Professionals for  installation, repairs of Submersible, Jet and Electric Pumps. 

SVE has the requisite expertise in removal of struct submersible pumps and are specialists in desilting and cleaning. They are experienced  bore well drilling contractors for the drilling various diameter of borewells using latest high pressure rigs. Highly professional borewell drillers are able to handle any number of jobs adhering to set quality standards.


Technical Specifications for all types of Submersible, Jet Pumps and Air Compressors for drilling 4", 5",6",7" & 8" are available. A typical spec. sheet with various parameters for truck mounted drilling rigs would be as follows:

Drill Hole Size

6.5 inch

165 mm

Drill Rod Size

4.5 inch

114 mm

Max. Depth
(Under favourable drilling conditions)

1312 feet

400 mtrs.


Centraliser Opening

16 ft.

406 mm

R.H. Travel

23 feet

6900 mm

Rotary Head

Max. Speed

0-125 rpm

0-125 rpm

Max. Torque

44000 inch-lbs

506 kgf.m

Drive Motor Type

Orbit Motors

Orbit Motors

Type of Lubrication

Forced Lubrication

Forced Lubrication

Feed System

Pull Back Capacity

31020 lbf.

14074 kgf.

Pull Down Capacity

21551 lbf.

9621 kgf.

Pull Back Speed

164 fpm.

50 mtr/min.

Hydraulic System

Max. Operating Pressure

3500 psi

210 bar

Filtration (Nom), Return

25 Microns

25 Microns

Tank Capacity (Open loop)

172 gallons

650 litres

Prime Mover

Engine Power

180 HP @ 2400 rpm

180 HP @ 2400 rpm

Auxiliary System Water Injection Pump

Max. Pressure

600 psi.

42 bar

Max. Flow

26.4 gpm.

100 lpm.

Type of drive



Water Tank Capacity

70 gallons

300 litres



Hydraulically actuated

Hydraulically actuated

Cylinder Bore

5 inch

127 mm.


24 inch

610 mm.




Breakout Wrench

Actuation Type



Cylinder Stroke

20 Inch

500 mm.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler


Fin type, oil to air

Fin type, oil to air




Oil Flow Capacity

85 gpm.

322 gpm.


Winch Bare Drum Pull

881.6 lbf

400 kgf

Wire Rope Dia

0.375 inch

9.5 mm.

Diesel Tank


79.3 Gallons

300 Litres